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Diamond Studs

by Liza Hartung

Diamond solitaires are not card games that you play by yourself. Although, a title like that for a card game in Las Vegas might do quite well! Vegas is not only known for its card games and gambling, but for its glitter and glitz as well. There is no better way to find a little glitter and glitz of your own than through diamond solitaires. These are earrings containing a single diamond per ear.

With Diamond Solitaires, you don't need huge diamonds. Earlobes are generally small. This makes smaller diamonds look bigger. When you are searching for diamond earrings, you must know that the weight is always given as the total for both earrings. Therefore, a pair of one-carat diamond earrings refers to two earrings that each has a half-carat diamond. The carat is the way diamonds are weighed. It should not be confused with the "karat" that refers to the purity of gold.

Weighing Diamond Solitaires in Ancient Times
Have you ever wondered why we weigh diamonds in terms of carats and not just something simple like grams? When I was younger, I just thought carats were used because it sounded fancy and diamonds are fancy! In actuality, however, the carat comes from an ancient unit of measurement. This was the carob seed. Carob seeds are so close in weight to one another that advanced measuring mechanisms couldn't detect more than three one thousandths of a difference between any of them.

What does this mean to you? It means that, when you tell your friends that your diamond earrings are one-carat diamonds, you know the history behind it all. I'll tell you another little fun fact to make you feel more special when wearing your diamond earrings. Over 250 tons of earth must be mined and moved around to find one single carat of diamond that's worth using.

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