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Diamond Studs

by Liza Hartung

Discount diamond stud earrings are a lovely bargain. Most of us like to know that we got a good deal on something so great. Isn't it fun when people compliment your clothing or jewelry and you get to say, "It's real, but I found it on sale!" It makes it more exciting to tell people. This way, you show you have good taste, but that you don't need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to prove it.

With Discount Diamond Stud Earrings , you will have to give a little in most areas of your diamond. This does not mean that you will be going home with an ugly diamond. In fact, the middle grades of diamonds practically look the same as the best of the best. Most people can't even tell the difference. In many cases, you can only tell the difference under a microscope. I don't know many people who carry around microscopes to look at friend's jewelry, do you?

Discount Diamond Stud Earrings and Clarity
Clarity is one area where you can go a little lower to save some money and pretty much no one will know. The clarity rating starts with F and IF being virtually perfect. No one really needs this unless he or she wants the personal feeling of having a perfect diamond. The next one down is VVS1 and VVS2, very very slightly included. You will still have to pay a good amount of money for this type of clarity. Therefore, in order to save money you should drop down to VS1, VS2, SI1 or SI2.

To save the most with discount diamond stud earrings, don't go above the last four clarity levels that I just mentioned. Don't worry though, if you put those next to flawless diamonds, you will barely be able to notice a difference, if at all. These flaws are internal and can only be seen through a microscope. If a dealer offers you diamonds that are any level of just I, say no. These are when you can view the flaws with the naked eye. It generally isn't worth the purchase.

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