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Earrings Designed for a Better Fit

Your diamond studs should fit flat against your ear, and the design of your setting can make the difference.
Our settings are handcrafted with attention to the details that make a better fit.

The secret to studs with a better fit is balance, The setting should be designed so the diamond sits as far back toward the post as possible. The three styles shown below may look similar, but they are each balanced differently, and this affects the way they fit.

Good Fit: the earring lays
flat because the diamond
weight is centered
Poor Fit: the diamond
weight is too far
forward in the setting

Best Fit: Our 3-prong Martini style Settings

Our three-prong Martini-style settings afford the best fit. The diamonds are set low in the basket, to pull the center of gravity back toward the ear lobe. The three prong settings also afford a more elegant look, because there is less metal on the top and sides to obstruct the beauty of your diamond.

Good Fit: Our 4-prong Basket style Settings

Our four-prong Basket-style settings afford a good fit. The diamonds are set lower in the basket than most other basket-settings. This pulls the center of gravity back toward the ear lobe, so the diamond stays flat against the ear when worn.

Poor Fit: Crown style Setting

DiamondStudsOnly does not use this type of setting. Many jewelers use a crown-style setting for diamond studs. This style pushes the diamond too far forward in the setting and often results in a stud that looks droopy when worn.

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